Steady as she glows

[Fujifilm x-t30, ISO 25600, 230mm (345mm equiv), f/6.7 @1/15 sec, handheld with 2-stop stabiliser]

The moon glows the same:
it is the drifting cloud forms
make it seem to change

— Matsuo Basho, 1687 [quoted from]

I am not sure keeping to 17 syllables in an English translation of a haiku makes a lot of sense, but the translator did, at a cost of somewhat awkward phrasing. Or deliberately foreign?

Still it is a classic.

The lower cloud is tinged by the sun from below the horizon at the end of the astronomic twilight (-18 degrees). The hue is faint to the eye but the sensor does record it.

Anyway, a full moon arrives tomorrow, time for some more stargazing.

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