Borders of perception

To Natalia Vladimirova,
research scientist and architect

Science has a sweet, but rather glib reward —
we jubilate: an explanation found!
but soon enough find something of a sort
that makes us think the truth still hides around.

Photography through an imperfect lens,
for what that fickle Science must leave behind
is trying all it can to recompense
your slender figure and reflective mind.

An evening sunlight blinds the watcher’s eye,
your countenance part hidden in a shade.
The pale empyrean fails to circumscribe
the fading world before you lucubrate.

Though Art and Science love Nature’s golden section,
the truth bestraddles borders of perception.

Images edited and published with permission

2 thoughts on “Borders of perception

  1. Appreciate the poem, after using a dictionary. Speaking of golden section, should I mention that this photo was takes during the period when we are writing the paper “Fibonacci turbulence”, ruled by the golden mean.


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