Niro Wolfe method

Rex Stout’s character is an overweight, recluse super-sleuth. He engages with his case by having Archie Goodwin do his legwork, while he tends his orchids and eats his gourmet meals.

Funny enough, I almost fit the description. The only differences are that I am not a sleuth, nor am I partnered with a Goodwin (hence shots on this blog tend to be mine).

However, friends sometimes serve in Archie’s capacity. I got the image below from @yelenakadeykina, who normally publishes her pictures on Instagram and who had taken this one during one of her constitutionals

and dropped it in my inbox instead. The converging verticals, flat colours and the overall vapidity of light — hallmarks of a puny phone camera — did not distract me enough to miss the wonderful zigzag on earth facing the heavens’ orb above it. I screamed “Wow” (silently as I do) and asked her permission to extract a meaning from this visual mass. Permission was granted.

Here we go:

Great shot, taken near Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. If she was in the habit of having a camera in her pocket, or even — God forbid — a small, near telephoto lens, this could easily be a gallery-class image, something worth printing and hanging on the wall.

Back to the orchids.

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