Anchoring down

In this difficult time new material does not come very often, so one may as well delve into the archives to try to find a new take on an old piece. This image is nearly 8 years old, taken on the shore of the Irish Sea facing West. I re-toned and re-composed it (back then I had very different ideas of impact).

What’s interesting here is the three solitary figures anchoring down the plane of the beach while making the sea rise (visually) to the horizon. The moodiness and the harsh light of what goes for summer in these austere parts emphasise the solitude and the desolation of them all. Everything seems to be put asunder: the three characters, the sea and the shore, the light and the season (it was May, believe it or not!..), the scree and the sand.

Strikes a chord with this global fractioning of the fabric of life…

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