Gear itch

Got the famous 27mm F/2.8 “pancake” lens for my Fuji, it is really tiny. Yet razor sharp even wide open, fast focusing and with full manual control. The Fuji lets you switch off as many auto features as you like, its APS-C sensor is the largest you really need for anything (22 times the area of the latest iPhone’s), so whatever crap you produce the camera is not to blame — isn’t it reassuring?

So this is my kit for street photography. Palm-sized, pocketable, with a small waterproof pouch to boot (hey, it’s sunny England, our umbrellas are the largest in the world…).When I was young the ongoing joke was that childbirth requires three ingredients: a he, a she and a home. Photography is similar needing also just three: a shooter, a camera and free time. In both cases the third ingredient is the hardest to get hold of.

Well, at least the gear is in place and a long-distance trip is only a couple of weeks away …

Watch this space.

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