World’s culture superpower?

Not sure if it is an energy superpower (although few doubt that it is), the image below suggests quite a different super-status of this country. Which would be Russia, if you are at all wondering.

When I saw the boy and what appears to be his sister holding up the score for him, I was preparing for some Wagner. Why Wagner? You know, a proper orchestral ‘Waldhorn’ as the Germans call it (a forest horn) or the French horn, which the instrument is known as in the English-speaking world, — is not what you’d expect a street musician to wield before unsuspecting public. Especially when the said musician is barely twice the size of his not very large instrument.

No it wasn’t Wagner. He tried to play “Now a birch tree, now a rowan…” by Kabalevsky, but no matter… Der Geist ist willig.

Oh, another thing. The best camera is the one in your pocket, even if it is a phone. Because the perfect $$$$ job which you left at home to not (God forbid) damage the precious optics of nor to lose during the trip is… guess what, not making you any pictures. Not even the one.

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