A man and a dog (to say nothing of the new Fuji XT-20)

I have got myself a new (well, nearly) camera and it is … (what’s the American for it?) AWESOME. It inspires not so much awe, as … inspiration. Not that I am going to ditch my trusted mobile phone (LG G6 with two useable built-in cameras/lenses), which I use more often than anything else, but it’s so nice to have a proper tool in one’s hands once in a while.

I vicariously enjoyed a mad dash of a dog past its owner in my local nature reserve this afternoon with the trusted Fuji set in continuous autofocus and (mistakenly) in the exceedingly long  exposure time. The camera-holding hand managed to stop the motion,  but of course the dog’s legs produced a whirl…

A man and a dog, and green grass in December — is there anything more English?


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