Dutch angle, when it works

The key thing for these somewhat hackneyed images is that they should leave a clue as to why the angle is … well… Dutch. Usually something is required to be straight, properly aligned and at the composition’s salient point. When you have it otherwise the viewer starts wondering whether your head or your camera is too tired to assume the normal attitude. Or is it just your attitude..

Here is an opposite example, i.e. when it works:


The bearded chap sits where the rule of thirds says he should sit, he is perfectly upright in his chair (in reality he was leaning forward) and the world respectfully bows 🙂 The uninterrupted desk line pulls the eye into the picture and makes it believable. The direction (right to left) helps to make the picture static, tranquil.

The chair below is so far down that the viewer (not the subject) is properly flattered. Nah… Disregard the last sentence.

As I say, the Dutch angle…

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