Morning prayer

morning-perspective copy

This is my morning froth. I trust
I’m not invoking yet thy wrath
by drinking this embittered broth
that’s called the morning coffee.
I’m not a simpleton who has
his eye set firmly on her ass.
Nay, I’m not here to make a pass,
I’m here to have a coffee.
Almighty, start my day in peace;
if you’re a Yank, grant me surcease,
and if a Brit, then send me cheese
to go with morning coffee.
Do note that Cheddar is a sham
and as a Jew, I’ll have no ham,
but nothing could make one as calm
as this darned cup of coffee.
This morning’s verse is getting long.
It should be called the Morning Song
and sung while stripping someone’s thong,
not getting in some coffee.
I’ve cropped and stored my photograph,
and for one morning had enough,
but if thou dost not like it — tough.
I’ll now enjoy my coffee.

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